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Vault Systems

Security Safe International features vault systems manufactured by leading vendors. We will design, deliver, and install any size vault, domestically or internationally. Lightweight vaults are also available. Please contact us for pricing, shipping, and installation information.

100 Series Vault Door

The 100 Series vault door is a popular choice. Its polished stainless steel finish and striking black and stainless operating wheel makes a modern, uncluttered design statement that projects a feeling of elegance and security that will complement any type of interior design.

The back of the vault door represents a unique approach to vault door design. All exposed surfaces (including the jamb, hinges and locking bar) are satin finish stainless steel. A courtesy light, time lock and emergency ventilator with pass-through are all conveniently located on the rear of the door. A stainless steel floor mounted door stop is standard.

The daygate features acrylic panels in a solid stainless steel frame that is in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The door has an emergency vault ventilator, dual combination locks, and a 3 movement time lock for security.

Vault Panels

High Strength Concrete Core Vault Panels

Vault panels are a high strength concrete core in a formed steel pan that provides excellent security and ease of installation. All of the panels are UL listed in the following U.L. ratings

  • U.L. Class M – One Quarter Hour
  • U.L. Class 1 – One Half Hour
  • U.L. Class 2 – One Hour
  • U.L. Class 3 – Two Hour

Lightweight Vault Panels

Lightweight vault panels are cost-effective and can be utilized in situations, such as in high-rise buildings, where floor loading capacity is limited.

100 Series Vault Door
100 Series Vault Door
Vault Walls
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